SDK Installation Guide

How to install the CALLR Ruby SDK



    The installation and usage of the CALLR SDK requires the following:

    • Ruby > 1.8.0
    • Module json > >= 1.8.1

    Manual installation

    To install the CALLR ruby library run the following command:
                    gem install callr

    With Builder

    1. Install Bundler gem. It will help you to manage your project dependencies.
    2.                 gem install bundler

    3. Create the Gemfile file and insert the following content:
      source ''
      gem 'callr'

    5. Install dependencies using the following command:
    6.                 bundle install

      If you are using versionning system (eg. Git or SVN), you need to include Gemfile and Gemfile.lock.

      Example for Git users:

                      git add Gemfile Gemfile.lock

    Further help

  1. You will find the SDK on our github here